Imagination is where your children live, play with them and you will truly enter their world...
​Hours of Operation



Monday –Thursday - 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Friday - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday - 10 am - 3 pm unless closed for Private Parties and Events, call for Open Play times

Sunday - 11 am - 4 pm unless closed for Private Parties and Events, call for Open Play times

At Saplings it is our mission to provide a clean, safe, and friendly environment for children to play and explore. Allowing children to be creative and use their imaginative skills on a regular basis is the foundation to successful, life-long learners in the future. At Saplings our goal is to provide caretakers a space to interact with their little one, while practicing the skills of developing imagination through pretend play, music, and art. The age range for Saplings is newborn to about 6 years of age.  

​Admission Fees


Saplings is an all-day play environment, meaning once you have purchased admission you may enter and re-enter as many times as you wish for the day, from open until close. 


  • $11.00 per participating child

  • $10.00 per sibling thereafter

  • Adults are included with their child's admission.

  • Save money and purchase the:

    • “Sapling Pass" – $50.00 for five passes 

  • Group discount rate of $9 per child for groups of 5 or more

  • We also offer monthly memberships - so you can play whenever you want all month, starting at $79.00!


New Prices Effective May 1, 2019

Rules for Play



  • All adults and children must wear socks. We provide socks for a small fee if you forget.

  • All children must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible caregiver at all times.

  • No gum, food or liquids permitted on the play area floor (this includes bottles, sippy cups, etc.)

  • No sick children or adults please, germs spread fast, please be considerate of our other guests.

  • No rough-housing or bullying, please encourage your children to share and play cooperatively.

  • The use of Saplings facility is at your own risk. All injuries must be reported to Saplings personnel immediately

  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Art supplies must remain in the art room and not be brought out to the play area.

  • Please wash hands thoroughly after any other activity and before re-entry to the play area.

About the Store

Saplings is a children’s indoor play space, designed to foster creative, pretend, and imaginative play. Upon entering Saplings you will discover four main imagination stations, as well as wall-to-wall murals of beautiful trees, blue skies, and friendly woodland animal friends.


  • The Reading Nook – an inviting space filled with plushy kid-sized chairs and couches, moon chairs, cuddly stuffed animals and a large collection of children’s books. In this space children are welcome to find a comfy spot, grab a book and read.


  • Seedling Meadow – a safe designated area for seedlings (children under the age of 2) to play, crawl, explore, and practice tummy time. Here you will find soft zone climbers, activity mirrors, activity chairs, infant activity/tummy mats, and an assortment of sensory toys to engage growing minds and bodies. 


  • The Art Room – a creative space stocked full of art supplies to inspire young artists. Inside you will find stand-up easels (for painting, chalk or dry erase artwork), paint, brushes, rollers, and paper. There are also three large work tables for coloring books, stencil work, and stamping. 

  • The Main Floor – an indoor playground consisting of “imagination stations”: kid-sized toys that foster pretend and imaginative play. Stations include a puppet theater, a baby care nursery, a fully stocked grocery store, a vegitable stand, a kitchen and home area, a restaurant, a camp ground and tent, tool table, train table, transportation mats with vehicles, dress-up closet, race track roller coaster, large country house, a musical band stand to put on concerts, and so much more!

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